Why choose Szelektro-Vill?

1. Fully comprehensive


At the first meeting we talk all Your request, imagine and if You wish the project's plan. We get lot of user experience information what can help You. Now You have earned time! It is enough to get information about 1 company, sign 1 contract, to know 1 contact person and Szelektrovill make, install and do everything. /alarm system, electrician, entrance products, security camera, phone system, voice system, fire alarm system, computer network, etc./



2. Experience


Our technicians, building manager has at least 12 years work experience. This is why we exactly know where and how has to install the security systems to make it clear for users, be simply the future development and maintenance.


We know and can offer not only one system but several, so we can choose the best for You. Every installation is followed by a rendition. Then we explain how can use the system and You get the 7/24 help service's phone number. You can call this number anytime to ask a question or help. In case of malfunction we start repair the system within 24 hours in Hungary, even if the guarantee time is over.



3. Reliability


"Security is the MOST Important". The electricity is dangerous, the fire alarm system can save life, the entrance system protect You… but all these only true if the system is always working. At the installation process we use the four eyes principle. After the technician's work an other technician check it and the at rendition You can see the system in working.



We are proud to our low numbers of failure within our profession.




Phone: +36/30-989-4168
E-mail: szelektrovill(kukac)szelektrovill(pont)com






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